St Paul and Occupy

As St Paul’s Cathedral becomes the epicentre for people (being named Occupy) who want space to speak out about their powerlessness in the current “financial situation”, and the church is faced with ethical dilemmas which result in Giles Fraser, the Chancellor of the cathedral, resigning, here are three clippings that have caught my attention.

Paul VallelyNewsthumpBBC

It seems to me a wholly appropriate that the Church, and to St Paul’s Cathedral in particular sited as it is in the financial centre of London, is challenged to consider how it relates to unrest about financial leadership in society.


Wangari dies

Wangari, who challenged the Kenyan establishment and empowered women through the planting of trees – and won the Nobel Peace Prize for it – died on 25th September. I’m aware of her because one of the songs we sing in our community choir (“Sow the Seed” by Polly Bolton) commemorates her work. See this Daily Telegraph article to be impressed.