Easy treatments for Hay Fever

  • Shampoo your hair daily: it will get rid of pollen trapped there
  • Gently blowing your nose gets rid of pollen: do so regularly
  • Use sunglasses as they reduce the effect of pollen on the eye (conjuctivitis)
  • Don't dry your clothes outside as pollen may settle on them
  • Smearing vaseline on the inside of your nose works just as well as many official medicines
  • Work out what pollens you are allergic to, and be particularly careful at times of year and places where they are prevalent. Allergy tests may be available, or keep a diary of your symptoms
  • Enjoy walks in the day not the evening as pollen counts are highest in the evening
  • Making love produces natural antihistamines and so helps unblock the nose!

This is my paraphrase of material from The Times which I read in The Week of 30th April 2011.