Finding True North: supporting the unemployed.

As the latest unemployment figures are released, I notice the headlines in today's Daily Mail.

Number of long-term unemployed young people soars by 42% in a year

Over 50 and on the scrapheap: As recession bites, a record rise in older workers condemned to long-term unemployment

And recently we had news that 70 graduates are seeking every gradute job, and that 10% of last year's university graduates in the UK are still out of work.

Statistics also tell us that the times when people are most likely to set up their own business are at the start of their career, or around age 50 when either they have reached a peak in their employed career or they feel more freedom as domestic commitments reduce. It is likely that more people will be considering starting their own business as a way of escaping from unemployment. As coaching practitioners we need to be doing all we can to support people who are out of work to make good career choices and to consider setting up a business themselves in an informed way, so at Finding True North we welcome conversations with people who are looking for work or considering a career change, to help them to:

  • work out their skills, strengths, and career options
  • considering or plan setting up a business
  • improve relationship and communication skills
  • persevere with the process by providing ongoing coaching

In addition, we continue to provide coaching to directors and owners of businesses and charities to help them to develop themselves, their staff, and their organisation. Amongst other things this helps businesses to thrive and increase rather than decrease the number of staff they employ!

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