Being an Entrepreneur

Last week I attended Chris Cardell's Entrepreneur Summit in London. There were some great speakers, I found it encouraging, and am now seeking to implement various marketing and strategy ideas. I'd like to share some of the highlights, which I can do because Chris has posted some video clips. Enjoy!

Sir Bob Geldof on the run up Sex Pistols, politics, and attidute to failure
Sir Bob Geldof on the run up to Band Aid, the new world order, and entrepreneurship
Gerald Ratner on how he revived after calling some of his firm's products “crap.”


2 thoughts on “Being an Entrepreneur

  1. I am interested to hear more about the seminar but from an attendees perspective. The event was given a lot of hype as you would expect with a sales and marketing guy promoting it.
    Did you really learn how to make changes to your website which will double sales?
    Did the seminar give £15,000 worth of value? Apparently two people left on the first day and asked for a full refund.
    I went to a one day marketing seminar last week which made very grand promises and only delivered on some of the claims. The aim was to up-sell you onto a two day dynamic event.
    Really interested to hear your response.

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