Emotion at the gym

My regular evening visit to the gym is often a moving experience, but that is usually to do with the treadmill and not my emotions. It's a challenge working out and watching the television at the same time. Maybe I lost a few extra calories that way.

The hour that I chose to exercise contained the resignation of Gordon Brown, followed by the appointment by the Queen of David Cameron as Prime Minister and his arrival at 10 Downing Street. I found it surprisingly emotional to watch Gordon Brown give his resignation speech. I was impressed by his magnanimity and statesmanship. Maybe MPs of all parties are respectful colleagues when they are not fighting to win an election. He has had a tough job to do over the last few years, and some hindsight will be needed to see what help the policies of these thirteen years of Labour Government, and Gordon's actions in particular, have given.

So I hope and pray for success for the new coalition between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, and like to hear David Cameron's determination that this is to be value-based and about politicians being servants not masters.