Cameron’s “raison d’etre” – to end moral relativism?

I may be a bit behind on the news, however I'm interested in comments by Janet Daley in the Sunday Telegraph.*

She has obviously been waiting for David Cameron and the Conservative Party to develop a clear sense of direction, and believes that they now have as she writes, “So let's give credit where it is due. What the Conservatives are saying now is nothing less than a full-frontal attack on moral relativism: the doctrine that says that no one has a right to criticise (or “stigmatise”, in the fashionable parlance) any life choice, however selfish, irresponsible, feckless or socially destructive it may be.”

I'm not into “moral relativism,” Perhaps its time for a pendulum to swing back the other way (if we can do so in a way that is accepting of human beings who do not fit other people's absolutes).

*Article 24th January, referred to in The Week 30th January 2010.