Finished Jamison CD’s

I've finished listening to the Finding Happiness CD set, and my previous summary seems to hold good. The end point is that seeking happiness by clinging to one of the Eight Deadly Thoughts is an unhealthy route, and we need to let go of them, or shed them. This resonates with my view that living life to the full is about getting rid of the things (such as sins and unhealed wounds) that get in the way of us being ourselves. One may imagine that this is a route to selfishness, but the true self we discover is one that is able to heed the needs of others because we no longer feel a need to be self-protective.

On the way Christopher seems to have a bit of a rant, even if it is a wise rant, about the way in which youth culture in western society behaves as if all that anyone needs is to have friends, and that if everyone has a good close friendship group then it does not matter what is happening in the world because everyone is OK. He says that this is insufficient, and that people need to relate to wider community, and wider values, such as the church.

He also observes, more obviously, that in today's society we seem to keen to be busy, and to see such busy-ness as a good thing. This is shown by the approval given to the reply “keeping busy” when someone asks how one is. Activity is not necessarily a good thing, and – to use Stephen Covey's analogy that I like – the activity of climbing a ladder has little value if the ladder is up against the wrong wall. This links back to Christopher's main theme: if we are seeking to find happiness it's no good just being busy, or chasing after today's idols, we need to choose a route that will take us to the goal we seek.

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