Jill Bolte Taylor watches her own stroke

I was at a SIMA training event yesterday, which finished with a look Jill Bolte Taylor's story on TED.com. You have to watch this! I hadn't come across TED.com before: it's a site full of significant video presentations. So follow the link to take a look, or watch the YouTube version below.

Jill is a scientist who studies the brain. She had a stroke which disabled the left side of her brain, and thus part of the right side of her body and also her ability to use language, and from which she recovered over eight years. She describes what happens – not seeing it just as a disability but an awesome discovery of the capability of the right side of her brain. In her mind this is a powerful spiritual experience, as she explains the way in which this increased her sense of perception and connectivity to the power of the universe, as against her usual left hemisphere domination with her individuality and sense of time.

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