Corsham Snowmen

It seems to have been snowing all week, which we don't remember happening for the last eight years, and according to the weather forecasters this is the biggest snowfall we have had for eighteen years. It's fun to make snowmen, but not so much fun if you're car is stuck in a snow drift. Ours are just stuck in a car park, so it's good that we can work from home.

Here's some snowmen from our back garden and our creative local florist!
Click on the photos to see them in full.


Can we mention God?

Following a couple of earlier articles about God getting a mention (here and here) it's interesting to read that Tony Blair is enjoying his new found freedom from British public office to invoke God's blessing.

Perhaps because he wanted to, but was purportedly prevented from, ending a speech with “God bless the British people” he has been first among British leaders to meet new president Barack Obama at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in the U.S.A. He finished his speech there with: “By the way, God bless you all.”

It is curious that a short trip across the Atlantic Ocean allows things unsaid to be said. It is Grace Davie, Professor of Sociology at Exeter University, who has written particularly about the unique secularism of Western Europe. I wonder whether, if we become increasingly entrenched in this, we may find it increasingly difficult to relate to the other 95% of the world's population.