No longer a “war on terror”

According to David Miliband, UK Foreign Secretary, we have not been using the phrase “war on terror” for the last few years, and now that President Bush (who invented the term) is retiring we are able to say so.

We are now seeing that the right response is to recognise the diversity of disparate terrorist groups and seeing that the right response to the threat is “to champion law and human rights – not subordinate it” and to seek to win through gaining international co-operation.

This sounds good to me: better to aim towards something good and tangible, than away from something we don't like. It's more likely to work! Furthermore, the only way to fight terror is not with weapons but by not being fearful. As President Franklin D Roosevelt put it in his inaugural address in 1933, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (Feel free to search this blog for my other thoughts on “fear.”)

More info from BBC News here.

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