Shaking the Foundations

From time to time I receive newsletters from Revd Dr Clifford Hill, of C&M Ministries Trust, Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire. Formerly he was a pastor in East London, and has a challenging prophetic ministry drawing on his learning as a sociologist (it is in sociology that he has a PhD). He's written some interesting books, and he sees that much of what he foresaw is now coming to pass.

His latest newsletter draws attention to the way sociologists recognise five major social institutions, and that there is an invariable rule that when significant change takes place in any one of the five, all others are affected. They are:

  • The Economy
  • The Family
  • Education
  • Law and government
  • Religion

He speaks of how all these except the economy have undergone major change since the 1960's so today's financial problems were predictable. Since this is the result of a domino-effect to do with changing values, a solution based on just addressing financial issues will not be suffiicient. The full article is worth reading here. His home page here.

1 thought on “Shaking the Foundations

  1. Perhaps the summary of Cliff's article is that we need to repent. Elsewhere he has drawn attention to comments in Parliament that repentance is needed. Turning to God is always a good plan, whether in times of trouble or not, but I'm not sure how easily people will find it to hear that coming from Revd Ian Paisley MP. See Hansard for October 6th 2008, column 31. Link here.

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