God loves London buses

It's good that people continue to wonder about God, although what he thinks about us may be more important than what we think about him.

The British Humanist Association are the latest in the line-up to give God some publicity, according to a BBC News report. Aided by Prof Richard Dawkins they plan to run a poster campaign on London buses in January with the slogan: “There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

This is described as the Atheist Bus Campaign, and atheists don't believe in God – right? Yet unable to say, “God does not exist,” they usethe motto above. I can only conclude that they're concerned that God may exist, and fearful of how he may react if they say he doesn't. This is despite the BHA's headline on its web site that “the humanist view of life is progressive and optimistic, in awe of human potential, living without fear of judgement and death.” I'm not sure they've arrived yet, and I also find myself wondering whether God has an even bigger view of human potential than we humans ourselves do.

I am happy to announce that I do enjoy life, in the knowledge that God is very much alive!