“Love God – Love others – nothing else matters”

When I was praying the other day about the challenges of Climate Change, I was reminded of Jesus' “Summary of the (Jewish) Law.” He said love God with your whole self; love your neighbour as yourself; and then he explained that the whole law depends on (flows from, is subservient to) these two. (Matthew 22:40.) So life needs to be seen in the context of our relationship with Creator God and with other people.

If this was (is) Jesus' perspective on life; then it needs to be ours also.

Having been thinking along these lines, I found it interesting today to be given publicity for a day event at Gloucester Cathedral by Revd Steve Chalke MBE organised by the Spirituality Network for Gloucestershire. (4th October; 10.00-3:00.) The title is “Intimacy and Involvement” and the sub-title “Love God – Love others – nothing else matters.”

Satisfactory needs to mean satisfactory

Isn't it great when someone writes a really clever and incisive letter to a newspaper?

Miss Christine Gilbert recently said that schools were let down by too many satisfactory teachers. This resulted in a letter to the Telegraph from Nicholas Bielby of Bradford (which I read in The Week today).

He writes that just as everybody cannot be above average, a good system works with satisfactory people performing satisfactorily – producing good-enough outcomes. There is something wrong with the system if it only works with excellent staff.