Mission Newbury

Today is the 22nd Anniversary of my adult conversion to Christianity at Mission Newbury – 25th May 1986, and it was a Sunday then too.

Somehow I was attracted to an advert for this event on Newbury Racecourse on that Sunday evening – even though I had no idea what a “Mission Newbury” was, and was not consciously aware that I wanted to do something about my dormant Christian faith.

On arrival I remember the parking attendants telling me that I was going to have a great evening (in my experience they don't usually behave like that, but are more likely to growl or order you around!) and walking into the vast marqee and being caught up by the enthusiastic singing of modern Christian songs such as I had not heard before.

Somewhere in the middle of the talk by Revd. Colin Urquhart I felt as if I had been “hit between the eyes” by God with the thought that God accepted me, but I was not good at accepting other people.

Leaving that meeting, after talking to people who wanted to pray with me, I felt a new energy and enthusiasm which I can only describe as being like a spring lamb.

With hindsight this event changed my life, and has been the start of a whole series of new adventures, supported by a loving God.

I recommit myself to this ongoing journey.