God creates a picture

Lovely imagery in the daily readings I sometimes use, for December 9.

The author, drawing on Amy Carmichael, talks of our hopes for the future as pictures we paint. Some fade, and as they do so they sap our energy. We need to leave behind our old hopes/pictures/images and notice the new ones that God is giving us.

He moves on to the idea that our whole lives are like a picture that God is painting.

A verbatim quote would be even better, but I'm cautious about copyright – so, what can I say? Buy the book! (Much of their material is on-line, but I have not been able to track down the comments on the daily readings, which the above is an example of.)

All this is from Celtic Daily Prayer, published by the Northumbria Community and printed by Harper Collins (in the U.K.) 1994 onwards. My edtiion is ISBN 0 557 02845-9, but later editions also include Night Prayer. The short orders for Morning, Midday, and Evening Prayer are easy to use, and over the twelve or so years that I have been using it I have found the daily readings inspirational.

Buffalo Gals

Last night had a great time with my sister listening to the “Buffalo Gals” at a local village hall. They were very lively and great fun, representing traditional American (Appalacian) music with fiddle, banjo, etc. interspersed with good humour and percussive step dancing. Good fun. Check out their site and listen to tracks on it.

This afternoon went for a pleasant walk during a sunny gap in the rain, except the rain started again – but there was a brilliant rainbow to look at over Corsham church.


Web Eden a great Instant Site

A current family enterprise is the creation of a new website for the business, and I've been delighted and impressed by the creative genius that has been unleashed in the family, as well as the skill in turning images into a site.

I've been researching ways of doing this so that it is easy to make changes after the initial design. The deluxe way to do this is with a Content Management System (CMS). I have also been looking at “Instant Sites,” of which there are many, to see if that is a good route to go at least for the first year or so as the costs are less. Many of the Instant Sites are easy to use and have good functionality, but do not look business-like. In particular they use ready-made graphic headers that can look cheesy and cannot be replaced. We have decided to run with Web Eden which is powerful, flexible, and inexpensive – and you can do a free trial. I recommend it.

Lively church service this morning

This morning I joined St Peter's Church, Chippenham, for their morning family service. There were three baptisms taking place, two of those being a mother and her son. I enjoyed the lively worship in a different church, and I enjoyed their competent band too.

I went along to give feedback to a friend who was giving a talk in church only for the second time. She did very well, with a bold start for Advent: when called on by the minister to give her talk she cried out “I'm not ready!”