Eat your heart out Dr Who – time travel is not just for the Tardis

I wonder whether, like me, you've felt that time seems to travel faster as you get older? Somehow there does not seem to be so much time in the day.

It occurred to me a while ago that maybe time feels propotional: as you get older, one day is a smaller proportion of your whole life. I now discover that even scientists have proposed this! All this wisdom comes from an article on the BBC website, reviewing a new book by Steve Taylor of Manchester University: Making Time. You need to read the article (or the book).

He talks of sportsmen training themselves to heightened perception (being “in the zone”) and of how we can make more of time through paying more attention (because that way our brain receives more “information”). This second aspect sounds like a rediscovery of the teaching of spiritual writers as they encourage living in the present moment, and paying attention.

Opposed to this particular spiritual teaching is the practice of trying to be somewhere else by using a mobile phone excessively; or not paying attention to local birdsong (or traffic noise) through addictive use of MP3 players!

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