Laugh or cry?

My journey with the government agency Jobcentre Plus continued today. I had to attend an interview because I have been on their books for thirteen weeks without finding a job. The letter asking me to attend (and listing dire threats if I did not, such as stopping my Jobseekers' Benefit) told me to bring evidence that I had been seeking work.

So I turned up with lots of papers expecting a conversation enquiring about how my job-hunting was going. These were not asked about. Instead, I was told that I had to widen my job search (I wasn't asked whether I already had) and told to choose a job that I wanted from a list of the ten most popular jobs advertised at the Chippenham Job Centre.

I should say that the nearest that there computer could get to my work with CMS when I signed on with them at first was “Office Manager” – not very close really – and I now had to widen my search from that.

Pleas, that none of the jobs that I wanted were on the list, were ignored because of rules that had to be obeyed. I could see nothing about charities, or strategy, or general management, or marketing. Not being attracted at the moment to jobs as a cleaner or storekeeper, the best seemed to be “Local Government Administrator.” There then, at a stroke, is my new career. The lady who sought to guide me through this charming process advised me that I should choose this rather than “Civil Service Administrator” because it would be better paid. Maybe I can now apply for a job like the one she has.

Am I mad, or is it everybody else?

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