African Snow

Went to see African Snow tonight in Bristol.

Very moving, so won't say enjoyable. This is Riding Light's drama of the abolition of slavery, featuring Olaudah Equiano and John Newton. It brought home to me the conditions of slavery (more than the film Amazing Grace did, which I enjoyed), and made me continue to think about the way that slavery continues today in various guises. Bristol and Liverpool were compared to Sodom and Gomorrah. The play was all the more effective because all the actors were black, playing English and African characters, except one.

Most of all it struck me that the very fact for Olaudah of learning English, and the Biblical words justice and righteousness, started a process of examining how well they were (not) applied in the society of his day. The Bible is a subversive document.

A Snow is a particular kind of ship which was used for carrying slaves. The play was partly sponsored by CMS.

Great Chalfield Manor Quiet Garden

I spent today in these gorgeous surroundings enjoying a day of quiet. I have been doing a lot of networking lately, so amongst other things, it was an opportunity to reflect on what I have been Discovering.

I was impressed by John Wraw, Archdeacon of Salisbury, who led the short afternoon meditation. Although a senior leader in the church he came across very much as a pastor. Sometimes who we are says more than the words we speak.