Working For a Charity course ends

Yesterday I attended the final day of my Working For a Charity Course in London. I recommend it! (My placement with Send a Cow will continue through the Summer.)

 My purpose in doing the course was to gain, or regain, an overview of how the charity sector works, and the course has exceeded my expectations. This has happened not just through the content of the course, and enjoying the many different presenters, but also through enjoying the company of the other fellow travellers (the other eleven course members) and Elaine and Catherine who organised it so well.

It has been great to watch course members grow in understanding, skill, and confidence during the course; and I hope that we shall keep in touch.

As well as learning new facts about the charity sector, it has been good to realise how skills gained in previous voluntary and paid work will transfer into work in the wider charity sector. It has also reminded me of skills that I have that I tend to take for granted – for example in marketing, communications, presenting, and coaching.