Send a Cow

Today I started work for Send a Cow in Bath. They are an interesting charity developing sustainable farming in Africa, and originally started by farmers from this area. I shall be doing some consultancy work for them, to look at the effectiveness of their fundraising to churches, and it got off to a good start today.

This is a voluntary placement for about 20 days or so spread over the next few months, tied to the Working For a Charity Course.

Take a look also at their fun Cowforce web site, with games and downloads, aimed at schools and children! The jokes are entertaining too.

The charity has diversified from its original work of (literally) sending cows to Africa to work more widely in sustainable agriculture and community development. Livestock, and initiatives such as keyhole gardens and economical clay stoves, help to support and build communites – whether extended families or those orphaned by HIV/AIDS. I like a quote in the Summer 2007 issue of Send a Cow's “Lifeline” newsletter, from an African Farmer: Without peace and love in the home, even meat is bitter!

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