Does it work?

In the church we tend not to ask the question: “Does it work?” Perhaps this is because we imagine that then we should need to have measurable goals: opposed to a preference just to enjoy one another's company, or to do the things that we have always done.

So I was surprised when I read this morning's Bible reading (for the festival of St Mark, from Ephesians ch4 vv7-16 – Revised Standard Version).

The author compares the church to a human body, and writes that “when each part is working properly” the church will build itself up in love. The idea, from earlier in the passage,  is that God has placed his gifts, or grace, inside us so that we may do this useful work of building up God's people. So hand in hand Christians need to expect to make a difference, and trust that God has given the ability to do so.

Are we working properly?