“Unemployment” approaches

I got excited at the thought that I may leave CMS and go straight in to another job, however it is now clear that I shall enter that state called “unemployment.” I like the idea of a rest, however my diary already seems full of appointments with people I feel that it will be useful to connect with. While waiting to see whether God may guide me to more full-time employment (whether in another mission agency or elsewhere) I am exploring management consultancy and interim management, as well as opportunities within the church.

I should enjoy some overseas work. I should like to renew friendships in India, and explore more, and I have an unfulfilled yearning to spend time in Africa.

My redundancy notice ends on 18th May, but I have negotiated an earlier departure on Friday 30th March.

Our family are feeling a lot of grief at the moment, with bereavements in the family as well as that of leaving work and freinds made at CMS.