Job Change Update

It feels strange to be having to change jobs within two years of joining CMS. Ironically, in my earlier work in Sales and Marketing, I was used to such a pace of change and always being on a steep learning curve. I must have got out of the habit!

The time at CMS has been largely exhilarating, and I choose to see the experience as a springboard to something even more suitable. So my Christmas vacation has been invaded by some groundwork on this. It is a challenge, though, to remain optimistic and not get depressed about “job-hunting.”

On the practical side, CMS have kindly lined up an executive coach: Nick Isbister of SIMA UK. We have worked together before, in a different context, and we have now met up again which is helpful. With him I am thinking through what work I should like to do next, which includes the question of whether to apply for the jobs which replace mine in the new CMS structure. (They have now been advertised. I have not yet been given the formal letter telling me that my job is redundant.)

On the emotional and spiritual side, I see my present work as a bridge between my recent work as a church minister, and the team leadership work that I can see myself continuing to do. So I am looking for a restoration of the sound path that is being upset just now. I was encouraged by part of letter in the Bible which I read on Friday (1 Peter 5:10): “The God of all grace… will himself restore, establish, and strengthen you.”

Happy New Year!