CMS Restructuring

Further to my last article about redundances, the last few months have felt like a time of uncertainty. We have been wondering what will be the shape of CMS for the next few years, and what impact that will have on particular jobs.

Certainty seems to be have been growing over the last few weeks, and at a team meeting today it was encouraging to hear talk of job descriptions being completed for new posts and reruitment for those starting soon. This doesn't answer questions about my own future, but nevertheless it feels better to be travelling in company that is “moving forwards.” The continued vision for CMS' work is an exciting one: it seems a shame that at just the same time the staff numbers available for this are reducing; but maybe we need to take hope from the story of Gideon in the Bible.

Further encouragement comes from the mutual support within CMS, and within our teams in particular. When “external forces” seem to be causing pressure points, it is a challenge not to fall out with one another but to stick together instead. We seem to be succeeding, Praise God! I am also aware of, and thankful for, the prayers and companionship of those whose jobs are not vanishing.

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