Royal Mail boycots Christmas?

There seems to be contoversy over the stamps that Royal Mail have produced for use in the UK this Christmas.

Last year one of the stamps depicted Hindus venerating the infant Jesus, from a painting in a gallery in Mumbai, India. Hindus complained because of this. Many Hindus venerate Jesus, along with other Gods, so why the fuss? Royal Mail refused to withdraw the stamp, but in a compromise said that it would only be sold to those who asked for it.

Also last year, the General Synod of the Church of England (and probably other Christians too) asked Royal Mail to continue to use designs “reminding people of the true meaning of Christmas.” This year Royal Mail has produced stamps that are all “secular” and it has received complaints. They say that they will alternate year on year between religious and non-religious themes. (Does religious mean Christian?) One of the stamps for this year features Father Christmas “doing a poo down a chimney.” (Says Damian Lewis on last week's BBC tv “Have I got news for you” – I confess to being a near addict of the programme.)

What do you think? Should Christmas stamps always carry the “true meaning of Christmas?” Comments welcome, and vote on the poll on the main page of this blog!

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